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Obsidian QA reduces the noise that comes with testing failures by automatically identifying unique issues and pointing to the root cause of the failure. This allows software teams to focus on what’s important: triaging legitimate bugs and getting them fixed.
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What does it do?

Obsidian QA ingests automated testing result data as part of the CI/CD workflow and builds a history of the data along with user input. This history tracks test failures across all environments and is used to identify the code  which is causing failures. Frequently, a single root issue can cause many test failures or a flaky test can trigger false positives which have to be investigated. Obsidian QA automatically groups these failures into unique issues and overlays application deployments and source code commits to identify the root causes.

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Why Obsidian?

Obsidian QA automates away the noise and allows software teams to focus on what’s actually important. It is designed to reduce the burden on QA teams to manually sift through individual test failures and instead allows you to focus on triaging legitimate issues and getting them fixed. Obsidian QA integrates tightly with popular testing frameworks and software stacks to allow teams to quickly get hooked up.

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Get the whole picture

Overlay application deployments and source code commit events to see what happened between the last time this test passed and when it started failing.

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Track across environments

Track test failures across all of your environments and get helpful insights like when an environment was last deployed to, so that you always know what is going on.

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I'm in! But how does it work?

Just add a one line command at the end of your test run script and you'll start seeing data in Obsidian!

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What test frameworks do you support?

We natively support the following test frameworks, and are adding more every day! If your test framework can output to jUnit format you are supported!


We're integrated with the tools you use

ObsidianQA works with virtually any software stack. Our easy to use documentation allows you to quickly start importing your test runs.




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